Background History

The start
In 1994, inventor and entrepreneur Göran Edlund became unemployed. He pondered and worked for a few years with a unique idea for a solution to a vacuum cleaner nozzle. The technique he developed allowed vacuuming without brushes and with double intake, also with full suction to moldings and deep in the corners. This solution became more maneuverable, and was lower and lighter than conventional nozzles (made of recyclable ABS plastic). The product was also easy to keep clean from dust and hair, easily rinsed off with water. In 1995, Göran Edlund filed for a patent on his product idea and also received such a grant. The nozzle fits all vacuum cleaners with pipe 32 and 35 mm.

Twinnovation AB is founded
In 1997, Göran Edlund came in contact with footballer Tomas Brolin, who had begun to look for an opportunity to spend his time, after his football career ended. The two quickly found each other and founded together Twinnovation AB, where Göran Edlund later became a 50% -owner and Tomas Brolin through company, also a 50%-owner. Already in March 1998, production of Twinner (which the product was named) began. The production was located in Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden. A budgeted sales of 40,000 units during the first year was exceeded in nine months, when 119,000 units were sold. Production of Twinner eventually moved overseas, first to Portugal in 2000, then to the Czech Republic in 2002, and currently production is located to Tallinn, Estonia.

Melitta important for the development
In 2002, Twinnovation signed a deal with Gameo, who became distributor of Twinner in Sweden. This allowed access to a dedicated sales force, which was very important for Twinnovation´s intentions to develop the company. In 2007, Melitta purchased Gameo, who then successfully took over the distribution of Twinner in Sweden. In 2013, sales in the Nordic countries is 120 000 units, and the company is preparing for a European launch.

Ready for Europe
In April 2013, Twinner is being launched in Europe in connection with the company’s 15th year anniversary. Whilst a new website with a web shop is launched, an agreement with British HSCL is also signed on distribution of Twinner in the UK. There is a strong belief that they may play a similarly important role for developments in the UK, as Melitta made in Sweden.